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    • This Summer’s Social Calendar

        As Glastonbury came to an end last night and Wimbledon starts today, England’s summer social calendar is now in full swing. Steeped in tradition and celebration, these quintessentially British events are a highlight of British summertime, and whether you’re a sports fan, music lover or culture vulture, there’s something for everyone. Here’s our lowdown …

    • Top tips on how to get your children to write thank you letters

        “It’s time to start writing thank you letters” is probably my childrens’ least favourite Christmas phrase! After the excitement of receiving and opening presents at Christmas, it’s not surprising children see this as a bit of a chore (especially as they associate it with handwriting at school) but I believe the art of writing …

    • As featured in Country & Town House magazine

        I’m absolutely delighted that the Country & Town House team have included my traditional wedding invitation in their article on “The prettiest wedding invitations”. You can read more here. 

    • How to write the perfect thank you letter

        There’s an art to writing a thank you letter. It’s obviously always lovely to receive a thank you for an event you’ve hosted or a present you’ve given, but you really notice the difference when the letter writer clearly has this art!  It’s a skill many of us should have, but perhaps find difficult …

    • Quick tips to improve your handwriting

        I have always been extremely passionate about beautiful handwriting and believe everyone can make their own style impressive no matter how embarrassed they may be. In the past few years I’ve enjoyed teaching my handwriting workshops and delighted in seeing the reaction from attendees when seeing how beautiful their newly addressed envelopes look. “Thank …

    • How to reply to a wedding invitation

      How to reply to a wedding invitation As the wedding season is upon us, one of the questions I’m constantly asked is, ‘What is the correct etiquette on replying to a wedding invitation?’ Below I share my thoughts which I hope will be of some help – these tips can actually be applied to any …

    • An essential guide to wedding stationery

      A wedding invitation sets the tone for the entire event. It is the opening scene of a play!  The moment when you open your box and see your wedding invitation in print is one moment you’ll never forget.  It’s the real thing. Now the excitement really starts! Whether you are planning a traditional or modern …

    • Wedding Business Awards finalist!

          I am so delighted, I can’t tell you! So many of my wonderful customers bothered to take the time and not only vote for me but say some truly terrific stuff about my products and service, thank you thank you!! It is the first award I have ever entered and I was asked …

    • A shout out to my 2020 brides

      Wishing you all the luck in the world that your plans go ahead in a shape that roughly resembles what your dreamed you’d have as your big day. This last year has been so hard for the gorgeous couples who wanted to tie the not and get married. Most of my brides and grooms decided …

    • A guide to printing techniques

      A little more information on the different printing techniques you can have: Engraving Engraving is when letters and designs are cut or etched into a copper plate. The plate is then inked. The paper is forced against the plate with tremendous pressure, drawing the ink from the depressed areas. This produces the characteristic indented or …