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    Of course. Once Pollyanna receives your order, she will design your stationery and email a proof to you for approval. Proofs can go back and forth as many times as you like before the job goes to print.

    Absolutely. Pollyanna offers an abundance of ‘ready to order’ designs to choose from with modern, bright and suitably colourful papers, inks and typestyles. But we realise that personalised stationery is, above all, a very personal thing, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we offer a completely bespoke service and can create it for you! We’ve provided a gallery of inspiration, but the best way starting point is to set up a chat with Pollyanna.

    I am based in Winchester, Hampshire where I have a small studio. I’m very happy to meet you in person or can arrange a video call to discuss your ideas.

    Yes of course. Please get in touch hello@pollyannaharmsworth.com and let me know what you’d like to see and I’ll pop some samples in the post to you.

    Yes, I design all my own stationery. I have an existing range of fonts, icons and print colours but can also design something completely bespoke. Have an idea? Please get in touch to share it and we can see it come to life together.

    I have worked with a handful of fantastic printers for years and know them well. Depending on the particular job, I decide which printer to work with. I do a lot of the finishing – foiling and adding ribbons and embellishments myself in my studio.

    I price my stationery as competitively as I can, but costs are based on a variety of factors:

    – My time, in designing the stationery and offering you a personal service

    – The high quality of the materials used – I will only work with certain papers and cards

    – The print technique

    – The quality of the finish and the printers I work with

    – The packaging. Each order comes in a beautiful Pollyanna Harmsworth box

    There is no minimum print run however it is good to know that it’s worth getting lots of spares because the majority of the cost is in the set-up of the machine. So ordering more will cost very little more in expense. You can have any quantity you like, so if you can’t find it online, please get in touch hello@pollyannaharmsworth.com

    Most paper used nowadays is FSC or PEFC as standard – sustainably sourced from replenished sources and strictly monitored. Most litho inks are vegetable oil based and there are all sorts of waterless/chemical free plate making systems now in use minimising waste product.

    There’s no right or wrong here – frankly it’s just lovely to receive a hand-written note. I’m obviously a stationery obsessive so have both, but I do tend to find I use correspondence cards for shorter, more informal notes where as I use my writing paper for a more formal or more considered response. For example, I’d include a card with something I’m popping in the post with a quick note, or as a thank you for a dinner party. But I might use writing paper to write a thank you for a weekend’s stay, or for a letter of condolence. I also think about my audience – if I’m writing to someone of my parent’s generation then I would nearly always use writing paper. In a practical sense, you can obviously write far more on writing paper and it perhaps shows most thought and care.

    This is totally up to you. Some of my clients just feature their name, where as others write their address, and some address and phone number. Also think about whether you would like two names or if you would like to split the order and have one half of the order with your name and the other half with another name. This works particularly well for couples who can’t agree on the font or colour – they can both have their own cards!

    Yes we can and we’d be delighted to talk through your ideas.

    We love a bit of glitz and glimmer – let us know what you were thinking of and we’d be happy to help. Alternatively foiling can be produced in matt colours. It’s a great alternative to Letterpress.

    Please have a look at my wedding stationery guide which I hope provides some more detail on the various elements you might like to think about.

    There’s no right or wrong here, although there is a set style for a ‘tradtional’ invitation which is usually:

    Mrs and Mrs (Bride’s father’s name and surname)

    request the pleasure of your company

    at the marriage of their daughter

    (Bride’s name)


    Mr (Groom’s first and surname)

    at (name of church and village/town)

    on (day followed by date e.g. Saturday 8th October 2022)

    at time e.g. 3 o’ clock

    and afterwards at

    (Reception address)


    Then bottom left,



    This really depends on what kind of design and finish you’re looking for and whether you’re including pockets with information, maps, reply cards etc.

    However as a guide, 100 traditional wedding invitations printed flat (no debossed or embossed text) with non-tissue lined envelopes would cost around £215.

    You can read my suggested replies to a wedding invitation here.

    Please supply a drawing with the angle you’d like me to draw it from. It’s worth noting that I can’t draw what I can’t see so you may have to supply other photos which show other aspects. I’m also more than happy to illuminate less attractive features like alarm boxes, telephone wires and bushes that you intend to uproot!

    Yes I do. I understand this can be an incredibly emotional time for those requesting this service so I will work with you to make this as pain free as possible and share previous designs as a starter.

    Absolutely. These can be a traditional text only version or you could think about adding a house icon or even a personalised drawing of your new home.